Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Spirit Week-Chanhassen High School Knows What They Are Doing

I can't possibly be the only parent who hates Spirit Week. At least I thought I hated Spirit Week.  Spirit Week usually falls in line with Homecoming each fall. And when both Zach and Lily were in Elementary School, I hated it.  My son could care less, but Lily, well, Lily is all about fully participating in everything. So, I have my work cut out with that one.

During Spirit week, each day has a theme. A theme. Not normal stuff. Bizarre stuff.  Let me break it down for you.

We are not hunters. No I will not go to Mills Fleet Farm to buy a $36 shirt my daughter will never wear again so that she can participate in Camouflage Day.

For the love of all things Holy. My kid doesn't want to wear anything other than shorts and tee shirts on a good day. My kid is going to flat out refuse to dress as their favorite movie character or tv show character. Plus, if my kid shows up as Steve from Blue's Clues,  he will be the laughing stock of the school.

Nope. I will not make my child dress in Hawaiian prints.  Those things are uggs and if I am not ever doing it, I won't make my kid do it.

Trendy Thursday? What exactly is Trendy Thursday?  My view of Trendy is a Cure tee shirt and leopard print leggings, rolled or pinned jeans, with huge curls and lots of aqua net hair spray.  My kid doesn't want my input on this. Trust Me.

Famous Friday? For the love. Lily thinks she has her own youtube channel because she films diy videos on the ipad. Let me spell it out for you. She thinks she is famous because she makes videos on a ipad that doesn't have internet access. No one is posting the videos.  She would dress up as herself on Famous Friday and get sassy when you asked her who she was!

So Chanhassen High School, I salute you. You have made Spirit Week something Zach enjoys and will actually participate in. 

Monday-Comfy Day
Let's just face it. This is every day.

Tuesday-Patriotic Day
Super easy. Zach's favorite color is red and he always wears blue jeans.

Wednesday-Jersey Day
Zach solely supports the Vikings and Twins franchises with the amount of trademarked clothing he owns.

Thursday-Future Career Day
Zach has this one in the bag.  He is a natural born artist. The dude will carry a pack of colored markers and a sharpie. Done.

Friday- STORM Day
Zach has refused to wear his Chanhassen STORM sweatshirt all year because he is saving it for this one day. He is so excited to wear his new sweatshirt. Friday can not arrive soon enough!

As you can see, Chanhassen High has had Mercy on parents yet again. No midnight screaming fits of laundry that needs to be washed. No mental breakdowns in Fleet Farm.  Just wear the clothing you already have. And have fun with it!

However, I will have to keep you posted on Lily's school.  And yes, I will resist purchasing camouflage from now until the end of time.

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