Thursday, April 29, 2021

4 New Journals- Available Today!

Excited to announce that the first four of seven journals that I have designed have been published by KDP and are available on Amazon today! 

 A Prayer Journal 

A Bible Study Journal 

I Have To Write It All Down- A Journal 

There Goes My Heart- A Journal 

Paperback 6x9 and designed as a paperback book rather than in a notebook format. All available just in time for Mother's Day Gifts and Year End Gifts for Teachers, Paras, Bus Drivers, etc. Thank you for your continued support. Enjoy!   

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Murray the Good Dog Loves Distance Learning

Zach is back to school 4 days a week and he participates in distance learning at home each Wednesday. Today, was his first day of DL that he has with his new dog at home. Murray knew right away that being near Zach at the dining room table would be the best place to camp out today. So when Zach sat down at 8 a.m., Murray laid right down next to him. 

Occasionally, he would rise and place his head on Zach's lap for a morning pet and lots of good boy affirmation. When Zach's first class began at 9 a.m., Zach was so excited to participate in sharing time because he knew he could talk about his new dog and show the class. 

When it was Zach's turn, his smile could have lit up the room. He spoke a bit about the things he knew were required of him and he was immediately interrupted by multiple people who desperately wanted a peak at Zach's new dog. 
Zach gingerly maneuvered his laptop towards the sleeping dog on the floor. Everyone was so excited to see the dog that Zach had raved about for the last two days. They asked questions about what breed he was, how old he is and if he is a rescue. 

To be honest, I loved every minute of it. Zach was so excited and he wasn't nervous, even when Murray woke and stuck his head in between his elbow and lap.

Zach is getting used to Murray and learning about petting with both hands, commands such as Stay and Sit, and that it is okay if he runs and plays.  What seems chaotic to Zach is normal for a dog while playing.  When he barks, Zach reminds himself that Murray is just talking. It is wonderful to see Zach learn and grow each day with his pup by his side.  Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. 

We still have a lot to work on with Murray the good boy. He pulls on the leash, he jumps at people's faces for kisses and he plays rough. Yesterday we worked on sit, lay down and drop the ball. This morning, I am so thankful for this amazing dog that has brought us all so much joy. That we waited until we found the right dog and we weren't hasty in finding one out too soon.  Because Murray is the dog for us.  

Murray the good dog is the dog for Zach.

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