Wednesday, November 1, 2017

I Miss You

When I say that I am a truth teller, I mean exactly that. I tell the truth. I tell the truth because the truth is important, it is real, it is true. I don't volunteer information if I don't actually think it or feel it. I won't offer words to fill quiet spaces. When I speak, I am intentional. Sharing usually only the few words that I have to offer.  When I am comfortable with someone, or a group of people, I open up, let down my guard and my story telling abounds.

When I say I love you to someone, they know I mean it. Just like when I say I miss you.  It is something that I truly mean. I miss you. I miss your hugs, your love, your encouragement, your smile, your eye contact, your ability to make me forget my worries, your physical presence, your joy. I miss your laughter, your hands, the tears you shed laughing. I miss the way you futz with your clothing, the way you freely compliment others, the way you always place your hand on the small of my back. I miss the way you always buy the perfect presents, the way you love me, the way you drive a little reckless, the way you cry at sappy movies, the way you love others. Who is the YOU that I miss? The you is actually many people. The you is often someone who may come and go as they please, in and out of my life. Here for a while, then gone for a spell. The ones that I miss, are usually the ones that return to me. Sometimes, separated by physical distance, sometimes by time, I still hope they find their way back.

Each person in my life that I now miss, has amazing qualities, characteristics, quirks and even eccentricities that I miss. Often they are also someone I love. Those qualities, characteristics, quirks and eccentricities I have grown to love. When they do return back to me, often on a weathered path, it is hard to contain my joy when we are able to pick up right where we left off. It is true. Some relationships are meant for only a season. Some are meant for a lifetime.  Those relationships that are meant for life time are covered with a whole lot of grace.  It isn't- Why didn't you call me? Or- You never text or email or write anymore. It is more- Come here my treasured friend. Sit close to me , tell me everything, hug me closer. I have missed you. I love you.

That Grace, that Love, is what can encourage and build us up. What can restore us and invigorate us. However, we must share that love freely, make it known and declare it, sometimes over and over again.  This life is so very short. And I count each moment I am gifted with those that I love and miss as pure joy. Because often, I am the one that has been extended Grace and Love as I return on a weathered path.

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