Friday, November 10, 2017

Leggings Are Pants

Sitting at Caribou, Jennifer was meeting me there soon. This was quite the place this morning. Extremely large group of elderly men visiting and sipping coffee. Never in my life have I been greeted with such a boisterous  chorus of Good Morning Miss! I then overheard a conversation between two men declaring their love for the groups Boston and Chicago and singing their songs over and over again. And they were super busy and we made the mistake by taking the last table by the bathrooms. Revolving door of  self conscious people entering and exiting. The best part was realizing that my brand new leggings that I am wearing for the first time today are completely see through. Jennifer asked me what I was doing after coffee. I told her nothing. Because apparently I need to go home and change my pants. 🙄#fortheloveofallthingsholy #leggingsarepants #cantmakethisstuffup

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