Monday, November 27, 2017

Stupid Face

It has been brought to my attention that my compliments sound strange, bizarre and occasionally not like compliments at all. Many sentences begin with Girl, Babe, For Real, etc. I have been known to say things like shut your beautiful mouth. But my favorite by far is I Love Your Stupid Face. I don't know why I say some of the things that I say, but wow. When I say this, people know I mean it.  I love your stupid face is almost like a term of endearment.

My mother used to say things like,  "Kelli, I love you oodules and boodles." Or, "Girl, can you help me in the garden for a minuto." (with an o) My favorite was, "Kace, let's go to Targe Boutique." (skipping the t, maybe made Target sound fancy)  Obviously, I got my love for odd words from my mom then.

I often wonder how long it takes someone to figure out that my odd words come from a place of adoration.  As in, how much time passes after meeting me and becoming my friend, do I start using the above mentioned words and phrases. But then today, the woman who handed me quarter for my cart , I said, "Oh thank you dear heart."  I sounded like I was 80, fully aware of that now. Or the gal that held the door at the next store, "Thank you sweetness."  These words flow from my lips now I think a little too fast.  I don't think words like dear heart or sweetness would actually offend strangers. But I don't want to make someone uncomfortable. Is this how people in south use words like honey and sugar when addressing someone?

Maybe my level of sarcasm has hit an all time high. And that is why I am even wondering about all of this nonsense. I can't say that words like these will ever disappear from my vocabulary. Mostly, because if "I love you " wasn't followed up with "and your stupid face", how will people know that I am being totally serious?

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