Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Creating New Holiday Traditions

"I am tired mom. Do we have to go?"
"Honey, do we have to do that this Christmas?"
"I am just not in the mood."

I hear these things and more from my family. Do you also? My family often likes to change things up.  Never really wanting to do the same thing, they will often complain and grudgingly comply.  But I want holidays to be fun for the entire family.

I present to you an exhaustive list of ideas that will help you create new Holiday Traditions.  (It really isn't exhaustive, but I am really tired from asking my kids for ideas of what they think is fun and what they wanted to see added to the list.)

1) Attend a small town tree lighting ceremony.
2) Horse Drawn Carriage Rides.
3) Offer to decorate for an infirm or elderly neighbor.
4) Find a local family in need and buy them Christmas gifts.
5) Invite the neighbor kids over to make holiday crafts.
6) Try ice skating as an adult. (still challenging)
7) Try a new winter sport. (skiing, snowshoeing, ice fishing, snowmobiling, etc)
8) Offer to wrap a friends gifts or address their cards.  How can you help make their to do list a little easier?
9) Volunteer at the local food shelf stocking shelves and helping customers.
10) Fill the local Little Pantry or Little Library with food or books.
11) Coordinate Christmas Caroling in your neighborhood.
12) Invite friends over for a night of Sharing Holiday Traditions. (You might learn something new!)
13) Make tree decorations and bring them to residents at the local nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
14) Coordinate a food or coat drive to help the under served in our local community.
15) Contact a local church or house of worship that you do not attend and ask how you can be of assistance.
16) Contact your local school and pay off past due lunch accounts.
17) Invite friends over for popcorn and Holiday movies.
18) Shovel a store front side walk or snow blow a neighbors driveway.
19) Ask what baked good each member of your family likes the most and plan to bake each one during the month of December.
20)  Work through an entire Advent Calendar/Daily Readings with your family.

Some of these are outings, activities and fun events.  Some are giving of your time and talents. Some involve money. The neat thing about Holiday Traditions is that there isn't any wrong ideas. Talk with your family and friends and find out what interests them. But do it together. Enjoy each others company and create memories as you explore this winter wonderland we call home,  give back to your local community,  and serve those in need. Holiday Adventure Awaits!

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