Saturday, November 25, 2017


Thanksgiving this year came in like a whirlwind and departed in the same manner. Cleaning my home, preparing food, locating all my favorite China, serving dishes and silver that has been passed down from generation to generation. Decorating with leaves and pumpkins and cornucopia. Rearranging wreaths and cotton swags in the front entry to warmly welcome guests as they arrive. Final touches to food and making sure the table is set just the way my mother would have.

25 family and friends gathered in our home to celebrate being thankful.  For said family and friends.  For jobs and provision. For a Savior who continually pursues us.  We treasured our day together as we all fully understood that these times are precious and few. 11 children ran from the basement to the dinning room and to the second floor squealing with glee as cousins chased and joined in the fun. A gorgeous, unseasonably warm day, soccer and football were played in the backyard and in the lacrosse fields behind our home.  Children and adults alike slowly returned indoors in need of more water and wine and coffee and egg nog.

Leftovers were stored and packed up for family and friends to enjoy again. Embraces and kisses and love and prayers  were given and received, treasured and held dear. Excitement among cousins When they discovered that they would see each other again in two weeks and again at Christmas.

My husband's family is large and amazing and loving. And these memories of a day spent concentrating on Thankfulness are so important. Never fleeting, always present.

The days can be long and challenging. Raising a special needs son and a spirited daughter. Physical pain that sometimes threatens to overtake me. Sorrow and pain still felt daily as my mother passed away too soon. An aching heart missing my best friend. But today, more than ever, I find there is always, always, always something to be thankful for. For smiles and laughter, wine and good food, for help with the dishes, hugs from a friend, thank you's from my husband  and my children delighting over a day well spent.

And when we settle back into our regular schedule and Christmas preparations begin, I will remind myself to enjoy, savor and embrace an attitude of thankfulness,  now and always. Because there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.

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