Monday, October 1, 2018

Dealership Tea

 I was meant to enjoy a cup of Good Earth Wild Chaild Tea this morning.  My Monday client is a bit under the weather so we will reschedule for later in the week.  My vehicle has a broken part by the drivers side door, and two other things that are on the fritz so my husband was kind enough to call in and get an appointment for me at the Nissan dealership in Eden Prairie today at 2 pm. However, when I realized I wouldn't be going to work today, I quickly changed the appointment to 8:45 am and raced to Eden Prairie. 

I should mention that this has to be done today. Actually 3 minor issues, but I have no more than 25 miles left on the 36k warranty. SO here I am. Now at nine am on a Monday morning.  Enjoying my tea. It is so good. Why don't I drink this kind more often? So good. There are goodies and beverages galore. All free!  I am fully aware that everyone else knows these things, but I am pretty much a kept woman. I never have to bring my car in even for an oil change.  I can count on two hands the amount of times I have had to bring a vehicle in for anything at all. I remember feeling awkward having to ask for help when I was in my late 20's one time and couldn't figure out how to work a specific gas pump.  My husband has always taken care of everything for me.  That includes cars, cell phones, computers, anything technology related. I love it, thank him profusely and will never take this for granted.

Of all the people in the waiting room, pardon me, the customer lounge, I am only one of two women. The rest are men, some with frustrated looks on their face, reading the paper and even watching Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on one of the five large screen tv's.  Two of gentlemen are working on laptops and feverishly typing away.  The one other woman and I shared a laugh when we both went in search of the Nissan Dealership Guest wifi password, which is of course, wait for it, internet. She is reading and making notes in some sort of manual and answering text messages at the speed of light. (Is it supposed to be the speed of sound? I don't know.)

Me?  I am blogging, answering emails and text messages, and admiring the huge magazine selection.  Apparently Ben Affleck is now 46 and dumped his 22 year old girlfriend.   I used to care about these types of things.  Now, I only care when I am sitting in Nissan Dealership waiting rooms, I mean customer lounges.

Today is the first day of October, and I am planning on participating in #Blogtober. #Blogtober is where a blogger blogs every day for the month of October.  Usually my stories are about 1500 to 2500 words. These blogs this month will be shorter, usually snippets of the day, and glimpses of what daily life looks like. I can guarantee that it will include funny things my children say, conversations overheard, and observations of how amazing this world really is.  Why does this matter? It doesn't. I am getting in the habit of writing every day.

I have finished writing my first book and am currently working on editing and formatting. I am behind and I am only a month into it.  I have about 100/300 pages edited and formatted.  I need to hunker down and work this month as October 31 was my goal to have all of the first edits and formatting complete. I will then spend the month of November on 2nd edits. And the month of December on final edits.  I am excited, nervous and praying that I can get back on schedule soon. My goal is to edit and format 50-65 pages in the next week. Also, Zach and I are working on a children's book told from his perspective about being a teenager with Autism.  It is written in simple short sentence statements and Zach is in charge of the illustrations.  We are at a standstill as Zach doesn't like to be told what to draw. So I have to wait for him to be highly motivated and cooperative. I don't think he totally understands what we are working on, but I can't wait to show him a mock up when we get closer to completion. I pray he will love it and be proud of his hard work. I know I sure am.

So this month of October, I will continue to point out my love for all things fall, continue to enjoy tea and coffee by the pot full and attempt to find the perfect apple orchard and pumpkin patch. I will write and edit until my fingers fall off and I will continue to giggle at all of the goofy things my daughter shares with me.

This morning? Lily asked if I could send 20 bucks with her to school for dinner on Friday. What? She wants 20 bucks for dinner, maybe 10 so that she doesn't have to worry about coming home in between school and her 5:30 call time.  Um. I then told her dinner wasn't being served, she would coming home on the bus after school, relaxing, eating dinner at home and returning for her call time.  She then said, "Well, maybe you could send 10 bucks with me anyway, just in case."  #icanteven

Excuse me. My car isn't finished yet, but I need another cup of tea.  :)

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