Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Choose Joy

Daily. We have to choose it. We have to seek it out and sometimes we even have to create it.  I am struggling.  These cold, dreary fall days in Minnesota are so difficult. The sun may peak through for a minute only to turn back into a glum sad looking day a moment later.  I have been sick with a cold for over a week. Can't stop coughing. So ready to have clear lungs and be able to breath when I lay down at night.  My daughter is finally better from strep and pneumonia and she is struggling to keep up with the new demands of junior high. My dear husband is now working but struggles daily with cognitive fatigue, anxiety, complete lack of energy and focus. (all typical of BVD) These days are long and difficult.  And sometimes they are filled with discouragement and sadness. Daily I have to choose Joy.

I teach a small group of 10 women on Tuesday mornings.  We are studying the book of John and walking through the I AM statements that Jesus made. Nothing more encouraging than a room full of women who have devoted their morning to studying The Word and seeking Truth. When I left the house this morning believing it was just too much for me, maybe I should find a replacement, I needed to just breathe. While driving, I began to pray... Lord, I am kind of a mess this morning. I feel sick and I am so tired. Please meet me where I am at, help me find Joy in You and in this day that you have made. Help the women in my group have a bit of grace for me as I cough through this amazing lesson of The Woman at the Well. Help me be thirsty for You and You alone.  Help me rest in You.  Help me find my strength for today in You. Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen.

Today, by not giving up and pausing in prayer, I was able to choose Joy for this day.  I wasn't asked to walk this day alone. I was never expected to.

How do I find Joy when it is something I seem to be lacking? I sit down with my husband and play a few hands of cards. I laugh and draw with my son. I discover new DIY crafts with my daughter or watch one of her favorite cooking shows on Netflix.  I spend time with the people I love.

How do I find Joy when it is something I seem to be lacking?  I meet friends for coffee. I let friends know we will be at the library on a Saturday morning when the therapy dogs will be there.  I share funny jokes and articles with them by text message. I send text messages of encouragement to others who, I believe may also need a little joy. I reach out to friends I adore.

How do I find Joy when it is something I seem to be lacking?  I go for a walk.  I pray as I walk. I ask for the Joy and whatever else I am lacking.  I reveal my heart, my happiness, my hurts and ask for the Lord to enable me to move past it all until I find my Joy in Him. I reach out the Lord I love.

How do I find find Joy.  I pray and ask for it. I seek it. I create it.  Daily. I want to Choose Joy.

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