Thursday, October 11, 2018

Miss the Mark

I wrote a piece for Mercurial Stories about domestic violence this morning. It was a tough short story to write for a few different reasons.  I have never experienced domestic violence.  It breaks my heart that so many people that I know have been through this ordeal.  How do I do capture the hurt, the desperation and despair and honor each woman's story?

This is probably one of the reasons why I focus most on non fiction pieces. Subjects that I know about, even stories from my own life. Not only do I struggle telling stories in the third person, I am not very good at it.  I also feel challenged by research. If I write about something historical or a subject matter that people know a lot about, I want to get it right. I want to honor the event, honor those involved and make sure that I get all of my facts straight. I don't want to make the reader scoff at my attempt, but rather take it all in and actually read and enjoy the entire piece.

I write about relationships, about parenting, about children. I write about families and friends. I write about conversations and observations. I write about memories from childhood, ridiculous days as a teenager and what college looked like for me. I write about heart hurt and daily joy. Each of these stories are written from my perspective.  Some are even written and I realize my perspective doesn't do the story justice. Those then, are not even my stories to tell.

The poetry I write is often more figurative, but that is usually drivel. I keep writing in hopes of improving my skills, but then things like yesterday's writing prompt happen. (October Writing Prompts @writerjaylong)

I might suck at this
Maybe I really won’t suck
No, I really suck at this

This was me making an effort and not trying to be funny. This was all I was able to come with even when trying.

So, I will continue writing more of the same. More observations from when I am on my way to work. More conversations with my children that can't possibly be made up. More stories about heart warming interactions that I have with strangers. Because let's just face it, the story about Mozambique's cry for freedom wasn't my best work. All I know is that I will keep trying. Some will be great, most will miss the mark. But that just means I am continuing to hone my craft.

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