Friday, October 26, 2018

Professional Organizer By Day, Blogger Hack By Night

Today was a challenging day at work. The piles seemed to stay the same height the entire day.  I had my work cut out for me and I only accomplished about half of what I wanted to today.  As a Professional Organizer working in people's homes each day, every day is completely different. Some of my clients need help with de-cluttering and organizing. Some need assistance throwing things away and deciding what to sell or donate. And most need help with all the paperwork. Insurance, Banking, Investments, Taxes, Correspondence, Purchases and Returns and Calendars and Schedule Keeping.  Some of my client's struggle with focusing and getting things done. Some aren't able to see anymore in their later years and need a second set of eyes to make sure that everything is completed correctly. And still some, need someone to motivate them to get things done on their own. Someone to be accountable to. I am often referred to as the decision maker, the gauntlet and the boss.  Clients acknowledge their need for help and make the decision to contact me to help them make changes in the way they manage their home.

I love my clients. Some of them I have been with for over 10 years.  I love seeing some of them weekly and others every other week.  Some of them I see multiple times a week when the need arises. I love figuring out what each homeowner needs and coming up with a plan to solve problem areas or issues.  I enjoy seeing a reaction from clients when realize that there is a solution and that they aren't alone.  I often stick with clients longer than necessary as needs change and evolve. When life gets in the way, (illness, extended travel, big life changes) many of my clients need different kinds of help.  And I treasure the relationships that I have formed with many of my clients.

There are clients that struggle welcoming me in into their home. They want to do it all themselves but then realize it isn't possible.  They usually call me in duress.  I spend time during the first couple appointments reassuring the home owner that they did the right thing calling me and explaining that things will improve and we will do it together. Reassuring them that progress is possible often makes each homeowner relax and they begin to get ready to work.

Today was a solo day. Where I work in a home without the homeowner being present. Tucked away in the back office, there I was able to conquer a ton of work. Emails, filing bills and statements, filing donation and contribution receipts for taxes and then moving on to past years work. I pulled old statements for shredding, labeled ones that would be needed for taxes and created a punch list for the homeowner with 7 accounts that should be closed as they are no longer being used.  I created a breeze thru pile. A breeze thru pile is one of a bunch of miscellaneous notes and papers that she will be  able to look at and sort quickly as most will be thrown away. I made an additional list of tax items needed for past year taxes to make sure she doesn't throw them away in my absence and an additional list to remind me what else I need to accomplish in a timely manner when I am at her house next time.

When the homeowner is home, we often work side by side. These are times when we get a ton accomplished.  My questions are answered immediately and the homeowner feels motivated to make decisions quickly because of my presence.  These can also be some of the most challenging times. Side by side work days, I limit to four hours a day with a client. That is so we are productive, but also so I don't overwhelm the homeowner with too many decisions in one day.

The best days are when clients feel a sense of relief. There is less to do, less paper, less mail, less stuff to deal with, less clutter to look at.  That sense of relief is why I do what I do. It isn't always easy. It involves different personalities and often people who are very stressed out. I try to lead by example, keep a level head, show them the progress that has been made and compliment the homeowner on their efforts. I often talk about us being a good team.  Two sets of hands are better than one.

I love what I do. I love that this job was a natural transition after spending years in banking, investment and insurance. I love that my job is progress driven and results oriented. And I love that I am able to be home almost every day when my kids get off the bus from school.  Even at 12 and 15, they need me. They need me to be home and available.  Another reason why I am forever thankful for my job as a Professional Organizer.

And when I get home each and every day, I clean the kitchen and the bathrooms.  I do laundry and pack backs. I edit the book I have completed.  And I blog. I love to blog. I love to share glimpses of daily life with readers such as you.  And today, I have shared a bit of how I am a Professional Organizer By Day, and a Blogger Hack By Night. :)

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