Monday, October 8, 2018


Lily and I participated in the Carver Community Canvas Art Project. Neither of us possess much talent, but we had fun.  It was organized before our towns celebration in September. Steamboat Days falls the weekend after Labor Day each year.

Lily and I enjoyed and entire high top table to ourselves at the Riverside Art Studio. We experimented with paints and glitter and brushes and I even explored a bit of mixed media.  Lily loves ice cream and was quick to paint a wonderful creation, Ode To The Cone.  I had just finished writing a short story called Hands and enjoyed mixing paints and creating a light blue glittery background and placed a beautiful set of hands (cut from an art illustration book) on the lower left hand corner of my canvas. I then used it as an illustration when my short story was published for the first time.

Our time together was filled with laughs and I let Lily take the lead. As she knows much more than I do about paints and brushes, I let her instruct me, guide me and encourage me when I wasn't so sure about my work. She loved the role and thrived in the art studio. I enjoyed watching her work. Watching her create. Watching her start over when her attention eventually wavered. She was a sight. Grinning ear to ear. I loved every moment of it. My daughter and I. My sweet Miss Thing.

Lily and I hope to do more activities such as this and are always sure to comb through the free offerings through the Library, Art Consortium and other local events.  She is a creative gal with a clear vision and love seeing what she will to create next.

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