Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Hey Mrs. G!

My 12 year old daughter Lily called me from school today. From her classroom. I just got home from the Women's Mission Luncheon at church and was settling in for an afternoon of working from home. The call came on my cell and I promptly answered it realizing it was the phone number of her school.

"Mom, hi, how are you? I love you. I am sorry, I was wrong about the early release on Wednesday. It isn't Wednesday, it is Friday."

I giggled with her about making a simple mistake but was glad she took the time to clarify because I was attempting to make a lab appointment at the doctor's clinic for her for Friday afternoon.  I told her it was a good thing that I didn't think she was correct about the day because if I had set it for tomorrow, she wouldn't be home yet.

"I don't know what I was thinking. But I am glad I get out of school early Friday." She mused.

I told her we all get confused sometimes and make mistakes with dates. I thanked her for the clarification and asked her how her day was going.  I told her she could have told me when she got home from school, but appreciate every little touch point from kids during the school day.

I heard talking in background.  I asked who it was.  "That's Ryiah." I hear Ryiah say hi.  I then hear more hello's in the background.  I asked who that was. "Um, I am in class, that is everyone saying hi to you mom."  (HI! HI! HELLO MRS. GAVIN!  HEY MRS. G!)

I laughed.  "Lily I love you.  Thank you for calling me and for everyone saying hi. I miss you and I will see you when you get home."

"Love you too mom! See you later!"

Could this quite possibly be the best phone call I have ever received? Yes, Lily calls me all the time. But the fact that my 12 year called me from her classroom, from school to clarify information that she knew she had passed on to me and it was wrong. But the best part was she told me she loved me with everyone listening in. She said it not once, but twice. Oh how I treasure the words of love exchanged between my daughter and I.

I adore that even in junior high, she hasn't yet entered that stage where she doesn't think her parents are cool anymore.  She loves when Josh or I stop in for a quick visit at school.  She loves bringing friends for outings on the weekend when her mom and brother are always present.  She loved including me in her fun with her friends last Friday at Trunk or Treat at her school.  She even introduced me to a few new friends that I hadn't met before.

I pray that there isn't a day when I wear out my welcome with Lily. That she will always tell me what is on her mind, that she will share the weariness of a hard day with me, that she will tell me school is just too hard.  I pray that she always know that my arms are a safe haven and hand is ready to be held.  I pray that she knows that I will never tire of the phone calls from school and the fact that she never forgets to tell me she loves me before she hangs up the phone.

This sweet child who challenges me daily as a parent has thoroughly warmed my heart today.

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