Friday, August 4, 2017

Ode To 72

Today would have been my mom's 72nd birthday. She would have asked to go out to lunch at some really "high falutin" place like Applebee's. She would have ooo'd and ahh'd over hand made Birthday cards from her grandkids. She would have asked for ice a cold water for her water bottle and then asked again. She would have used hand lotions, attempted to light candles and put on new jewelry she received as  gifts. She would of held my hand and  my sisters hand and smiled the entire day.

Our mom loved birthday's. She loved holiday's. She loved every day and found a way to always celebrate the mundane. They are serving meatloaf! 2pm on a Thursday? Woo-hoo! I saw 4 blue Jay's this morning! So beautiful! She adored every day occurrences  and her infectious joy was always shared with others. Today I celebrate my mom.  Jo G Cook. I loved my mother so much. And today I honor her memory. I will share a story or twelve with my kids, shed a tear or two and embrace this day like it was my last. Just the way my mom would.

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