Monday, August 21, 2017

What Am I Looking At?

It really didn't matter what I said. I explained the eclipse, the total eclipse that was happening today. That it would be dark and then get light again. It would be best around 1:06 pm here in Carver, MN, that the temperature might drop. Simple short statements. Zach couldn't even pronounce eclipse.  His amazing,  Autistic, 14 year old brain feigned interest.

I was in awe as the thunderstorm rolled in and the big swirling clouds threatened to block any and all possible views.  And then, there it was. I kept my sunglasses on, looked to ground and held up my phone and shot two pictures. Just two. And then it was gone. That was it. But oh my. I thought it was breathtaking. Absolutely astounding. Thrilled I got to see it.

Lily then burst back outside, told me she had her watch on and was ready to play... What time did I want her home? So, I told her 1:45 and let her go play. I tried to show Zach the picture of the eclipse on my phone. He looked at me and said, "Wow, I like your hair cut." So, there I sat. With my new haircut, my sunglasses pushed up on my head staring at my phone. And I asked myself, "What am I looking at?"

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