Monday, August 28, 2017


When you said it was over, rather than consoling you, I said it was about time. These past 4 years. I have watched you. You loved and and gave of yourself. Yet you received nothing in return. Your smile often faded when you witnessed what a real relationship was all about. Adoration, words of encouragement, a hand hold, a stolen kiss. As I watched you, that glimmer in your eye had disappeared long ago. You had prioritized a relationship that couldn't ever really be saved. It was a coupling of convenience. A pairing so that you didn't have to be alone. A person to call your own. A hope of what could be, but never really became.

Your phone calls went unanswered, your texts left unread. Sometimes, when they disappeared for a few days at a time, I knew the lies would follow. Work, family commitment, vacation with friends. There were no work issues, family that needed tending to or times with friends. Your excuses came too easily and I think you said them to try to reassure yourself that everything is fine.

You should be the first person they think about when the sun shines in the shades in the morning. Your lips should be painful from love bestowed on them. When something amazing happens at work  the first call of excitement should be to you. Your times together should be so fulfilling that all either of you would ever want would be to fall back into each other's arms.

You, my friend. You are worth so much more than second thoughts and maybes. And I will be the one to remind you of that each time you forget.

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