Friday, August 4, 2017

"Rotary Cuff" Update 8/4/17

I was discouraged when I continued to struggle all night with pain in my shoulder and arm. And when I woke this morning, still so much pain. Not that I thought it would go away overnight, I just wanted it to improve. I kid you not, Amy McGowan now has an amazing service she can offer. Not only is she a wonderful friend and mother and wife and disability ministry leader, she now offers the service of helping you heal. She smacked me on my bad shoulder in a joking manner forgetting about the sling on my arm. It hurt when it happened, no big deal, accident. And then I rested this afternoon, and got up and my shoulder actually feels a bit better and I have a slight improvement in range of motion. I can't make this stuff up. So Amy... Now random strangers will show up at your door and say, please pop this dangling finger back in for me, or can you stomp on my broken foot and fix it? I can't make this stuff up. #nopainnogain #herehitmehere

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