Sunday, August 20, 2017

What The Couch Left Behind

We have had a bit of an incident here at the Gavin's on this hot Sunday afternoon. Zach was asked to clean the basement up in preparation for bible study guys coming over on Monday night. He went in search of Aldi bags. He believes garbage can only be put in Aldi bags. This is what I found on my bathroom floor. He found Aldi bags all right. He brought 17 (may be a slight exaggeration) downstairs and filled two with garbage. He moved the couch and found a ton of garbage.  The two bags he filled,  were brought back to the main floor and placed them in the back hallway to be brought out through the garage door to the garbage can.

Something told me to look in the bags. For real. I found a coaster, three toy figures, a Christmas Stocking, an Easter bag belonging to cousin Joey, one of my 314 missing kitchen scissors, 4 VHS tapes, 5 dvds including Narnia in the case, two blues clues books and the entire set of foam letters that I just bought him at the thrift store. Plus Apple peals, dried cheese and salami, rock hard raisins, 497 popcorn kernels and so many items of questionable origin.

So needless to say, Zach cleaned the basement, two bags of trash are ready to be brought out, my bathroom floor looks like a bag lady would be happy and I need to go downstairs at some point and search for the missing 15 Aldi bags. Because I can totally see this happening all over again next week.

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