Sunday, August 27, 2017


I love people. I love talking and listening and laughing. I love to ask questions and learn more about people's lives. I love long, unexpected, amazing conversations about mountain highs in life and the dessert periods when someone has felt stuck in a dry an weary land. But most of all, I love the hugs. The hugs that come after greetings at the grocery, a chance meeting on a sidewalk or time well spent at a coffee shop or kitchen table. The physical connection between two people often occurs with the simple act of a hug. Embracing another person, I am saying I care about you, thank you for sharing your life me, I love you and support you.

Hugging isn't something everyone loves. I have been greeted by a firm extension of a hand as I approach for a hug. As if a hand shake creates the distance. I am now a little more respectful of those that don't appreciate hugs. I realized I was placing my need for physical affection and connection over their need to establish personal space. I usually find that if real, authentic relationships are formed, hugging often happens over time. People that declare themselves as non huggers or not a hug person eventually relax, find joy in the connection and hug. Actually hug and like it.

So to put it all out there, I hug often, I hug for long periods of time, I hug when hugs may not be deemed necessary. Hugging is a weakness that has become a strength. Because the hug life has chosen me.

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