Tuesday, August 29, 2017


My 14 year old son Zach has autism. He is able to speak and have his needs met. However, spontaneous conversation is a challenge, he has no fear and is considered a vulnerable youth. He will never drive a car or live on his own but we hope that he will find a fantastic modified job that brings him joy when he gets older.

This afternoon, Zach and I will be heading to Chanhassen High School to meet with his new special education teacher and bring in his school supplies. Zach will start 9th grade next Tuesday in the AIM Program. (Autism In Motion) This is a center based program rather than a mainstream classroom.

He was asked to complete an All About Me form. I printed it off the computer this morning and sat down with him. Many of the answers came to him quickly. Some he asked for spelling help, others he just wrote what he was thinking about. Yes, dogs and cows are his favorite animals and blue is his favorite color. He loves pizza, but only if it is  frozen Bellatorria Pepperoni. And yes indeed,  Praise and Worship Music is his absolute favorite. And of course Adele.

My favorite answer from this worksheet? When I grow up I want to be.... Zach's answer? AMAZING. Zach doesn't want to be a doctor or a farmer or a pharmacist. He wants to be amazing.  I teared up as I saw what he was writing. I think this man sized child of mine who towers over me at 6'2'' is already on the right path to being amazing.

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