Friday, August 4, 2017

"Rotary Cuff" - 8/3/17

I got home from the 212 medical center at 6 am this morning. I have a very painful rotator cuff. I didn't fall and I didn't injure myself, I feel safe in my home, no one is beating me. The woman at the check in desk, the nurse, the doctor... All asked the same million questions. I finally gave up when the registration nurse came in. I told her I fell from a very tall cheerleading pyramid. (Jason, the nurse is smirking) Let's just say she and I can not be friends. Not only did she not think I was funny, she felt the need to point out that it is usually the little sprites at the top of pyramids. #humorlostonthisone #reallyiamfunny #askmyfriends #dontquestionmycheerleadingknowledge #atleastjasonsmirked #thedoctorwasimpressed

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