Saturday, August 12, 2017

This Is Why I Nap

This afternoon I was overwhelmed by conversations with Lily. We covered the meaning of the honor system, the idea of no judicial recourse, the fact that that even though my teeth are whiter I am never going to convince her to brush her teeth twice a day with coconut oil and turmeric, and that someone with a "superb knowledge of candies from other countries must have created the new dome addition at the world's largest candy store." Oh. But for sure we had already covered that organic red butter lettuce is better than arugula that "tastes like dirt" but not as good as the outer pieces of a head of lettuce, that she can't read my 1966 HW Hanson History of Art book because it is old and "smells old", the fact that I eat more gross vegetables than anyone else in our family, and that she hopes dad doesn't forget the pump for the inner tubes because she totally plans on using all of them at the cabin. Once again #thisiswhyinap

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