Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Painted Faces

Oh Lily. How much I love you. You challenge me daily. Yesterday we had a deep, long, detailed conversation about growing up. Today you asked me to put makeup on you for the first time. I didn't say no because you are only ten, I was glad you asked. Rather than a full face, we talked about why and what items you wanted. We talked about inner beauty and how external beauty is fleeting. You asked amazing questions about why there are so many beauty videos on line and tutorials. You asked why women spent so much time applying makeup and spent so much money on makeup. It is like you are the parent. You ask these questions that you know I will answer and you lead each conversation so well. I told you that less is more and yes, sometimes it is fun to play, but that it isn't necessary to wear makeup all the time if ever. You loved when I told you that most days it is moisturizer and a little lip gloss and nothing more. Lily, I enjoyed this time with you. I enjoy the beautiful young lady you are becoming. I treasure that when I asked you where true beauty lies, you pointed your heart and said, "It matters who lives in my heart. " Yes ma'am it does. Today, we painted our faces together for the first time. And I look forward to the amazing conversations that we will have tomorrow and the day after that.

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