Sunday, July 30, 2017

Get Rid of Most of It

I am often asked what I, as a Professional Organizer do in my own home to keep it organized. What do I say? Purge everything. If you get rid of most everything, not only is it easier to organize what you do have, but it also takes so much less energy, effort and time. Energy, effort and time. I lack energy at the end of long day. I definitely don't want to put in much effort when I don't have much energy. And my time will always be limited. But when I block out time, I can accomplish small tasks.

Make a list of 5 things/projects you would like to accomplish this week. For me:
1. Clean off kitchen counter and prepare school binder for fall
2. Clear out as many items of unwanted clothing from my closet as possible
3. Purge books, DVDs and cds
4. Clear out pantry and wash each shelf
5. Clear out cabinet under TV and the cabinet under book shelf

Five things. Five projects I want to accomplish this week. By getting rid of more and more from my home each week, I am able to keep what I do have more organized.

I will set the timer each day for a half hour to an hour at a time. I will get done as much as I can in that time. If I have energy  and time to continue, I will set it for additional half hour increments.

Try this method this week.

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