Friday, July 28, 2017

Judge - A Short Story of Friendship Redemption

"I have come to realize that it isn't the subject matter I have problems with, it is the delivery, the facial expressions, the body language, the words chosen, the often condescending tone of voice, and the pious continuation of the conversation after someone has attempted to change the subject. This is ultimately why I struggle. I now understand why I seek out certain friends over others. For the longest time, I couldn't identify what the issue was. And then I realized it wasn't just listening to the words being spoken, I was observing, studying, and overtly judging people based on their entire being. I had to set my judgemental thoughts aside, evaluate the friendships that challenged me so much and just love people. I am a faulty flawed individual myself. My entire life, thoughts, feelings, and conversations also could be totally unnerving to others. Grace. It is all about grace. However, it is also about making sure I speak up when I don't agree, not nod in agreement and hope they stop talking. It made me aware of own tendencies to drone on and be far too sarcastic without knowing or understanding my intended audience."  Judge - short story of friendship redemption.

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