Friday, July 28, 2017

Be Honest. Be Kind

Can we all as a society stop mom shaming? Can we stop pointing fingers and whispering and gossiping? Every time someone posts a picture of their child, singing in the car... Where is their seat belt? Or eating a treat like an ice cream cone... You should concentrate on fruits and vegetables and never reward a child with a food treat. Or when your child's skin looks a little pink and sun kissed... Are you sure you are using the right sun screen? You should apply all natural sunscreen many times a day and possibly look into buying your child a sun shirt. I am done. My feelings have been hurt and I think many other moms are feeling hurt also. Feeling judged, ridiculed, defeated. Let's go back to a day where we encourage each other rather than tear down. Let's do back to a day where we love each other unconditionally rather than pass judgement. Let's go back to a day where we speak only kind words to each and we do not gossip behind each others backs. And let's just face it. We need  to admit that none of us truly have our act together. We spend way to much time trying to make it look like we do. Let's be honest and be kind to each other. It isn't that hard. And I will probably give both of my children ice cream cones tonight right before bed...

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