Thursday, June 7, 2018

Zach's Last Day of His Freshman Year

This kid. Today is Zach's last day of his freshman year at Chanhassen High School. He has worked so hard and has really practiced being bold and courageous each and every day. Stepping out of our front door is stepping out of comfort zone, so we admire each attempt he makes to learn more about the world around him. Zach is kind and compassionate, caring and giving, helpful and creative. He has amazing artistic talents, is a ridiculously great swimmer, and could beat anyone in speed walking. He believes blue flax seed chip consumption should be an Olympic sport, counts down the days until puppies are at the library and will challenge anyone to a dance off on the Target front door security cameras. This kid makes me want to be a better mom. Love him and am grateful that God deemed me capable to be the mom to a child such as this. 💜

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