Saturday, June 16, 2018

Why I Enabled Ads To Run On My Blog

I received a few odd ball comments on my blog and private messages through social media about my decision to enable ads to run on my blog. I have kept them as minimally invasive as possible, meaning ads only post on the side column and beneath posts. Not in the middle. I have been called a sell out. I have been called cheap. Let me share with you why I made this decision.

I am a wife. I am a mom. I am a Professional Organizer and small business owner. Writing is what helps support my family. It enables us to pay for prescription copays for Lily's  inhalers and asthma meds. It pays for summer curriculum and nights out as a family. It adds to our family income. I have chosen to help support my family. By enabling legitimate ads to be posted by adsense, I am adding to my monthly income. There isn't anything shady or tricky about it. If you see the ad or click the ad, I may make money. They don't steal or share your info. They don't offer you info from unscreened companies.  

Did I make the right decision? Yes. I did. I chose to make an additional small income for my family. To help support my family. And I will choose my family every time. 

Thank you to all of the 13000  daily readers who deem my blog worth their time. To those readers that find the Gavin family intriguing enough to return and read more. Thank you. Thank you for supporting my family. 💜

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