Saturday, June 16, 2018

Zach Declares Golf Reigns Supreme

Zach didn't want to leave the house this morning. He became aware of the time when he saw the clock in the car, knew we were running a bit behind and panicked.  I explained that I was sorry that it was past 10 am and that we weren't at the library yet.  (Every Saturday morning, 10:00 am to 11:30 am, be there or be square.)  I said that we will get to the library as soon as possible and that we didn't have any plans to go anywhere else. Just the library.  The library didn't have anything to do with it. He then slowed his speech about the time and said, "Mom, golf starts at 10!" All at once I realized what the sudden onset panic in the garage and driveway was all about. Zach recalled that Golf started at 10, it was 10:04 and he was missing it.

I talked to Zach and figured out we should call Josh at home and have him record it on the Tivo so Zach wouldn't miss any of it.  I called. Twice. No answer. Maybe Josh was laying down or maybe he was in the shower.  Zach's panic increased.  "Oh, no! Dad didn't answer the phone.  Golf is on tv!"  I told Zach that I would send a text and dad would get it and hit record right away.  Just as I hit send and started driving the car, the phone rings. It is Josh.  He didn't get the text, but saw that I called and he apologized for not answering.  He was on the phone with someone from work. (Not able to work or drive at this time because of a never ending VN diagnosis, Josh entertains many phone calls a day from work trying to help where her can.)  Josh smiled when I explained Zach's predicament of wanting to go to the library but worrying that he was missing golf.  Josh said on speaker phone, "Buddy, golf is on all day. All day long buddy. It starts at ten but this tournament will go on until dinner. You won't miss anything."

And with that, with wise words from dad, Zach calmed down immediately.  "I will watch golf with dad when I get home. Golf is on all day mom!"  Yes it is buddy. Golf is on all day.  Normally, keeping up with our every Saturday Chaska Library visit from 10:00 am to 11:30 am is all that matters to Zach. But then golf on any other day usually doesn't start until 2pm. When you and I would say, I am not worried as I will only miss the first part, Zach thought even missing the first part could be catastrophic.  And today Zach was able to calm the chaos by just hearing dad's voice on speaker phone through the sound system in the car.  The knowledge of all day golf was exactly what Zach needed to calm himself and focus on the fun to be had at the library.

Zach's simple joys come from Dora and Blue Clue's. From holding VCR Tapes in his hand and plugging VCR's in and unplugging them at garage sales. From holding spiral bound notebooks and a green crayon. From the texture of a well worn 2nd hand tee shirt found at a thrift store.  From knowing what his week will look like. Joy is found in always knowing that Saturday mornings, just like clockwork, he, Lily and I will travel the short distance to the Chaska Library. But today, Golf Reigns Supreme. The joy of all day golf calmed Zach so that he could enjoy the sun, and the drive to the library. He way able to enjoy a special animal science lesson from Miss Anglea Hunt at the library and also admire the dogs out for a stroll as we drove home. And today, joy was found in an all day golf.  Because sometimes, Golf Reigns Supreme.

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