Saturday, June 23, 2018

Never Underestimate

I got a text yesterday morning that made me smile. Ear to ear goofy grin. Happiness was found in a text message. It wasn't a fancy text nor a long text. It was a simple good morning text.  Good morning!  A morning greeting from someone who matters to me. Someone who loves me. Someone who will always make me smile.  I am very aware that the sender will probably never know what it means to me when they greet me first thing in the morning.  Currently walking through deep waters, those morning bursts of joy can be life giving. Happiness granting. Inspiration to start my day.

Two weeks ago, I received an unexpected apology by mail.  An envelope with only my name and address and a postage stamp arrived. Plain handwriting and no return address, I turned the envelope over a few times and again before opening it.  The beige envelope gave me no indications if it was a greeting card or a letter. When I opened it, tears poked at the corners of my eyes.  -- Dearest Kelli. I am sorry. I owe you an apology. I walked away from our friendship without an explanation.  Please forgive me. I was embarrassed about some choices I had made and I didn't want you to look down on me.  I decided it was best to take a step back. Please forgive me.  I see now, I have hurt you and myself. -- I was ghosted by a friend a few years back, it broke my heart. Even wrote about it for the local paper. But here, was not only an apology, but a request for forgiveness. An email address was listed at the bottom of block letter sheet of paper. I emailed right away. This unexpected apology and request for forgiveness was accepted and granted by responding promptly. My hurt was healed by the arrival of a plain beige envelope, an unanticipated apology and a bold request for forgiveness.

The days are long and hard. Between work, clients with challenges, kids, special needs parenting, and my dear husband who hasn't been well in months, I am tired. I look tired. I struggle some days to form complete coherent sentences. I stay up too late each night trying to complete work that should have been accomplished weeks ago.  I answer emails and text messages days later and pray that my friends and family just cover me with a whole lot of grace in this area.  I was going to a play last evening with my daughter and as I entered, I saw two friends from church (different campus) that I hadn't seen in a couple of months. I was tired, had just gotten out of the pool and threw on leggings and long flowing tee shirt. One of the ladies complimented me on my shirt.  I thanked her for the genuine compliment.  On a evening when I combed my hair into a pony tail, was only wearing moisturizer and found a clean tee shirt and leggings, this compliment meant more to me than most. I like your shirt.  Simple. It warmed my heart and for a moment made me forget the tiredness that often overwhelms me. The compliment came just at the right time. When it was needed most.

These three instances where examples of human touch points. One person reaching out to another.  One person saying, I see you, I care about you, You matter to me. One person taking time out of their own busy day to acknowledge another person.  You are important, You are accepted, You are worthy.

Never underestimate the power of good morning texts, apologies, and random compliments.  Because they will always matter and mean more than you can imagine.

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