Thursday, June 28, 2018

Just You Wait - For 121 Words (Summer Collection)

I have to stop waiting. Stop wondering. Stop wanting. I don't think it serves a purpose anymore. The what if. The maybe. The possibly.  It hurts more to hold onto all that never happened. I treasure the touch, the held hand, the embrace. But also the way you watched me. The way you smiled when I caught your eye. Those things happened, they are real. Absolutely mine for the keeping.

You moved on. I was alone and stuck where I am. You never changed your mind. Waiting, wondering and wanting, I am empty.  No longer who I once was.

You wrecked me but you didn’t break me. I am changed, stronger, I am new.  I will be whole again. Just you wait.

-This is a flash fiction rewrite of a piece I wrote in high school.

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