Thursday, August 29, 2019

Mad Mom Skills

I just witnessed the single best parenting tactic ever at the library.

Young son with a public use stuffed animal really eager to show his mom and interact with her while she is trying to fix something on her account with the librarian.

Mom: Wow, that is really close to my face. I have bad coffee breath. You better move that leopard far away or he might pass out. (The little boy and the stuffed animal run far away.)

Second young son doing the same with a stuffed bird of questionable origin.

Mom: Yes, that bird is scary. You better put him back on the puppet stand before you scare the librarian. (He smiles at the librarian and returns the sketchy stuffed bird to the stand.)

Third tiny daughter whining about not getting her way and wanting to check out 6391 books and movies.

Mom: Sweetie, I don't have strong enough arms to carry all those and you always complain about carrying anything. I think my arms can carry 5 books and two movies today. That is all. Anything else and you will have to carry it. (Little girl promptly counts out 5 books and chooses two movies)

I am in awe. Where was the genius mom when my kids were young and were on the fritz every other minute whenever we were in a public setting? Because I think we all could stand to learn a few things from this mom who possesses some unheard of skills.

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