Saturday, August 24, 2019

I Know That Poem You Wrote Was About Me

I have had a great summer. Our family took three vacations and had so much fun in the Smoky Mountains in June, at Grandma's cabin in July and at Madden's Resort with family (27 of us!) in August. The sun and beautiful weather enabled us to spend a lot of time outside at the boardwalk, in the pool and at the local golf courses and driving ranges. I can hardly believe that summer is coming to an end.  My daughter starts school on Monday and my son starts school the day after Labor Day.  We still have plans to go to The Minnesota State Fair in the next week. A perfect way to close out the season.

I am also pleased as my 9th Anthology Book was released this summer, and two of my first four books were released in July and August. I have been busy editing and writing and working with Organization clients.

With publishing two books, I felt a little exposed. I am a non fiction writer and write about my life, past experiences, interactions with other people and my family.  I know that some of my real life family and friends will read what I have written.  I have never sugar coated anything or shied away from any topic. And if something nags at me long enough, I usually end up giving in and writing about it.  But with that, sometimes interesting conversations ensue.

I received a private Facebook message from an old friend.  They had read my book called I Regret Nothing. The text was simple.  They said hello, congratulated me on the book and asked if a specific poem was about them.  They knew it was. And I guess I wrote it in hopes that they would read it.  I panicked.  Even though it is a great piece and I meant every word of it, I still felt so weird being asked about it.

I responded with a simple thank you and that I write about my life.  I hope they weren't offended and that I never meant to step over the line. I became worried when I didn't receive a response after that. Two days later, another message. "I wasn't offended, more so honored. Thank you for writing it."  A return heart emoji was all the response that was needed. 💞

I will continue writing about the people, places and things that I love. I will write about what I miss and what I desire in life. I will write about what hurts and what makes me smile.  I will also probably write a story or two that I may need to mention when they are being published.  I may even write more stories that beg for a private message or two to be sent.

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