Friday, August 23, 2019


The text came late at night.  I was up much later than I should have been.  I have a tendency to do that in the dog days of summer. I stay up late trying to get so many things done.  My eyes usually betray me and all those projects that involve a laptop or even email are left for the next day.  I am always the last to go to bed, and find I can just relax a bit in the late evening hours. No one needs anything, no wants a meal or a snack, and surely everyone can fend for themselves at night.

My phone vibrated on the couch and I pressed pause on the remote.

Friend:  I know you aren't asleep yet.  This day has been so hard. I feel like I have failed at everything.  I feel like I am drowning.

Me: I am sorry this day was so hard.  Tell me what was good about the day.

Friend:  Good?  I just told you how hard it was and that I feel crappy. 

Me:  I know. And I am sorry. But tell me one good thing.

Friend: I see what you are doing there Kelli. You are trying to make me cheer up a bit and not wallow in my misery.

Me: Maybe. But also, I am trying to make sure you know that it is okay that not every day is a good day.  But there is something good in every day. 

Friend: Shut up. I love you, but shut up.

Me: I can't. I love you my friend and I want you to know that you are not alone. You can talk to me about all that went wrong, once you tell me about one good thing from today.

Friend: I had an amazing cup of coffee I made at home.  Almost too good.  It makes me worry that I will never be able to duplicate it.

Me: So your one good thing has caused you to worry?

Friend: Why are you so difficult?

Me:  Still waiting to hear one good thing. One good thing that doesn't come with worry.

Friend:  I got a lot done at work today because my door was closed.

Me: Good. Why was your door closed?

Friend: I can't tell you that. Because that was why my day was so challenging.

Me:  First, remember tomorrow at work that you got a ton done today.  That today was hard and challenging and you struggled but still you got a lot done.  Does that mean that tomorrow will be a bit easier because you got so much work done today?

Friend: Yes!  I got so much done today, I will probably even be able to leave a couple hours early.

Me: Oh my. Look at you. Already identifying what good can be found in tomorrow. And it is only today.  So the one good thing you experienced today will affect you tomorrow and cause good to happen again?  Amazing.

Friend: I know we are texting, but I can sense your snark. Knock it off. 

Me:  Good, because I was laying it on pretty thick.

Friend: Did you just attempt a Tommy Boy reference out of context?

Me: Yes. Did it make you laugh?

Friend: Yes.  Of course it did.

Me: So you are saying that you laughed which could also count as something good that happened today.

Friend: You wear me out.

Me:  Oh! And there is another good thing!  You said you were having trouble sleeping. If I have worn you out, maybe you will sleep better tonight.

Friend: I can't with you. I can't even with you.
I just...

Me: Can't?

Friend:  Go to bed.

Me: Don't tell me what to do. You are not the boss of me.

Friend: Don't text me tomorrow.  I have to work on making it a good day no matter what because I don't want to have the same text conversation again.  Because like I said, I can't with you.

Me: Sleep. 

Friend: Night!

I wish I could say that I always know the right thing to say.  To be honest, I rarely do.  But I can do a few simple things.  I can listen.  I can also admit defeat. I can pray for others. And I can encourage.  Yes, we all fail, we all feel at times as if we are drowning. But we don't feel like that every day. And I for one, am going to forever identify at least one good thing from each day.  At least one.  Because there is always one.

The Lord gave me another day
There was air to breathe
My back didn't hurt right away
My kids were still both in their rooms
Coffee was spot on
The sun was shinning
I didn't have to go to work
I got to work from home
I spoke to my best friend for an hour
I enjoyed a Chai Tea Latte at Red Bench
Dinner in the Instant Pot was great
My kids didn't ask for something else to eat
I sent three important emails
I packed school supplies for my son
I played cards with my husband
I cleared 9 things out of the kitchen cupboards
The air conditioning is back on
My dryer now works

18 good things about today. 18. And I wasn't even trying.

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