Thursday, August 2, 2018

She's Like the Wind-Meandering Thoughts Of An Old Patrick Swayze Song

It was 1987 when I first heard the song "She's Like the Wind" by Patrick Swayze.  He co-wrote and sang the song for the movie Dirty Dancing.  The song became very popular and even reached the number three slot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. I recorded the song using my tape deck in my room off of 101.3 KDWB. I couldn't understand all of the lyrics and thought if I played if over and over, and could stop it and push rewind, I would eventually hear what he was saying.

I feel her breath on my face
Her body close to me
Can't look in her eyes
She's out of my league

Just a fool to believe
I have anything she needs
She's like the wind

My young 12 year old mind found these sappy words absolutely beautiful. I understood that the man felt he wasn't good enough for the woman he loved.  He loved her closeness, but also knew that it was probably temporary. As if there wasn't anything there for her to want to stay.  She's like the wind. I believed that this meant she moves quickly and quietly, and maybe in the opposite direction. Heartbreaking to learn about the reality of relationships from song lyrics. I remember thinking he should firmly take her by the hand and convince her to stay.  I believed at the time, that a firm hand hold was all that was needed for her to reconsider.

My cynical teenage heart was a bit wiser.  After I convinced my mom that I should watch the movie, I learned something new about relationships. Some came in fast and furious and dissolved in much of the same manner.  Most relationships were short, out of control and often ended badly.  But they served a purpose.  They always  served a purpose. 

It doesn't matter if it is a romantic relationship, or one with a friend. It could even be a relationship with a parent or sibling. Each relationship teaches us what we want and what we don't want. They teach us how to love and be loved.  They teach us when we need to walk away and when we need to stay. They teach us how to communicate with others and when we should keep our mouth shut. They serve as a balm for a weary soul, they overwhelm our solitude, they mold us into whom we were meant to be. 

All this from a Patrick Swayze song? It was some song.

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