Saturday, August 11, 2018

1, 842 Weeks and I Don't Want to Count Anymore-Josh's (23 Weeks for real) Update

Hello dear friends and family. Thank you for your continued help with driving Josh to doctor appointments, entertaining our kids, wonderful dinners and fruit and grocery drop offs. It helps us so very much. 

Josh met last week with a very encouraging Vestibular Rehab Specialist who wanted Josh to decrease his Vestibular Therapy Exercises and try to do more real life things. Go on longer walks, get on the three wheeled bike, go to the store, go out to lunch with the kids and I, go to Costco, and continue putting golf balls.  She wants Josh's brain to learn how to adjust to him doing real life activities rather than just become accustomed to doing VT.  There have been good days and not so good  days. But we are thankful for encouraging docs and the fact that each one desires to see Josh improve.

This past Tuesday, Josh woke in the night with a horrible sense of the entire world spinning. He was miserable and it took hours to calm him and get him settled. We knew he needed be seen at the U of M hospital.  I prayed for a cancellation and there was one. Our friend Tim came and brought Josh to see the Therapist.  She was able to quickly diagnose him with Positional Vertigo on top of his Bilateral Vestibular Dysfunction. She ran him through a number of exercises and maneuvers. She told him he would feel crappy the next couple days but then would return to his new normal, of being dizzy all the time, but the room would stop spinning. She was exactly right and he felt about 50% better by Wednesday morning.  He had been struggling with sleep but finally slept Wednesday night and then slept really well Thursday night. 

Thursday, Josh met with Neurologist who ordered a few additional tests. His eyes are still resetting and it is noticeable.  It might just mean that it is taking his brain a significant amount of time to reset to his new normal of not having any vestibular function.  He has already received his glasses, but isn't able to wear them as of yet because they make him even more dizzy.  The Neurologist is trying to rule out a few more things such as Cogan's Syndrome. These are not scary things for us as we know that the doctor's are trying to be very thorough and make sure that they still aren't missing anything. It has been explained time and time again, that when someone is suffering from significant vestibular dysfunction or complete loss as Josh is,  there can be other medical issues occurring at the same time. They want to make sure that isn't the case.

Josh had an amazing day yesterday.  The best day he has had in over 5 months. He slept well the night before, he was always dizzy but felt good and had more energy than usual. He needed to go into work for a meeting and wanted to see his employees. The kids and I went with and then dropped him off and we went to a few sales and to a few cute shops in Prior Lake. This was a challenging time for Josh as he will not be returning to work in PL.  He got to greet his boss and coworkers and his employees.  He was so pleased to be present with them yesterday.  Some of these employees cried when they saw him. They love him and his amazing ability to lead and encourage.

Josh has been offered a job in Corporate Recruiting with L & B and we are so excited at what accommodations are being made for him. He will be able to work part time once he is cleared for work and they will even get him set up at home.  When he returns to full time, he will be able to continue working mostly from home.  Same pay, same insurance for our family. GOD IS SO GOOD, FAITHFUL AND NEVER HAS LEFT US!!!  We are so incredibly thankful for His provision and guidance. Josh will firm up all the details of his new job this upcoming week. 

After bringing Josh to PL yesterday, we went out to eat as a family. We had such a nice time. It was a busy restaurant with lots of people and Josh did great. When we got home, Josh rested and then was ready to have some fun with the kids. He rode the three wheeled bike with Lily and she loved having him with her.  He was able enjoy a few hands of cards with me and spent time watching sports with Zach.   

Thankful to Dan and Aaron and Joshua for coming over this morning to weed wack, clean the pool and vacuum out the cars.  And thankful to our neighbor Josh for mowing our grass again and for bike tune ups.

What do the coming weeks look like for us?  More of the same.  Rest and quite, and making small attempts to try new things daily. We are going to make the attempt to go away for a day this upcoming week. The drive is about an hour and half.  We are praying that Josh can handle it. And the following week we will see if going away for few days will work.  Slow but sure.

Thank you again to each of you who have loved on us and encouraged us. Who have prayed for Josh and our family without ceasing. Thank you for helping when we need it so very much.

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