Monday, April 8, 2019

Pea Soup

Today there was an incident.  And when I say incident, it was not of my own doing.  I was at work with my Monday morning client whom I adore. Every Monday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., we tackle life together and get everything that she needs done, done.  Because I am at her home over the lunch hour, she will usually fix her self a quick meal and I will enjoy a smoothie and a GF bar and some cashews that I bring from home. Today she warmed up a can of pea soup. Even though I am not a lover of pea soup, it smelled wonderful all throughout her home.  The buzzer went off, and she went to stir the soup and spoon it up for herself. She returned to the love seat where we work side to side with two large linen napkins and her bowl of soup on a small lap platter.  

We continued to review documents and I asked questions and made a few notes about additional things I needed to accomplish.  She learned forward to reach for something off the table in front of us, and out of the corner of my eye, I see the shift of the bowl and the platter on her lap.  As in, I saw the shift of the bowl and the platter on her lap sliding and heading towards me. 

Keep in mind, I struggle with peripheral vision. So it was only by the grace of God that my cyborg eyes even detected that something was amiss.  I was able to save the bowl from falling to the floor by catching the bowl with my entire right hand inside of her soup. Just a bit on the floor and on the love seat, I looked down and see the majority of the soup covered my leg from knee to ankle. I grabbed one of the linen napkins for my hand because the soup was hot!  And told my lovely friend to tend to her love seat and carpet and I went to the laundry room to find a clean rag so I could scrub my pants.  I then went to the bathroom and washed my hands not once but twice. Have I mentioned that I do not care for pea soup?

I apologized to my client that I had caught her soup bowl by putting my entire hand in the bowl of the food she was consuming. She laughed because she was sitting there enjoying what remained of the soup in her bowl. I realized she hadn't even notice the soup was falling so if I hadn't quickly reached for it, all of said soup would have covered me, the gorgeous green love seat and her beautiful carpet. 

Many people in my life have told me that I apologize too often. Today that was apparent.   I apologized to her and she had spilled her soup on me.  I should also add I would let her do it again since we sure had a good laugh over it.  Sometimes, laughing at spilled soup, can make you smile for the rest of the day.

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