Tuesday, April 9, 2019

A Chance Encounter With Ryan Six Years Ago


It has been six days since I met a young man named Ryan. He rang up my purchases at CVS. Silver glitter on his eye lashes, blue sparkles on his finger nails and a beautiful teal tie. Intrigued, I started chatting with him. Funny, a bit of a goof. I looked down. While locating my debit card and saw his bare arms for the first time. Instantly tearful, I couldn't even speak. At some point, Ryan had been a serious cutter. Not an inch of his forearms wasn't raised with healed wounds. I got my emotions under control, looked up at him and he said, "It's ok. I am better now. It was hard growing up. But life is better now." 

I smiled and told him I believe in the power prayer. I told Ryan that I wound pray for strength and comfort as he navigates life. I started thinking about physical wounds and emotional wounds. The ones we can't see. We all need to make a conscious effort to be kind and encouraging because we do not know what challenges others are facing on a daily basis or in the past.

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