Thursday, April 11, 2019

Adventures That Beg For My Attention

My children are both home from school today on a random Thursday in April. No it isn't because of spring break or a scheduled day off.  It is because Minnesota got the last laugh again this year and we got hit with a whopper of a snow, ice, thunder, rain, pelting snow, and crap storm yesterday on the 10th that has carried over into today and will likely be more of the same tomorrow.  It is ridiculous. Hundreds of accidents.  Up to 70 mile an hour winds.  40 mile stretches of the freeway out west and north of us are closed.  Commutes normally that take 45 minutes, are now clocking in at 2 to 2 1/2 hours. Nope.  I ain't having it.  I am done. I want spring.  My calendar says it is spring.

This past Monday it was 70 degrees.  70.  I was wearing yoga capri pants and my shirt sleeves and it was beautiful.  I was admiring my tulips and lilies that were beginning to grow. The green of each new leaf and stem made my heart soar.  Now today, covered in voluminous amounts of snow, I only know that there are plants under there because that is where they are supposed to be. Not even one can be seen through the snow.  Also, mind you, all this snow that I keep mentioning, isn't white snow like you would think it should be.  It is beige and brown. I am not kidding.  Something to do with pollen in the south,  maybe fires, or the volcano that erupted in Iowa. That last one didn't happen.  I just wanted to make sure I had your attention.

If I see one more post on social media or a reminder from a meteorologist, ahem, like Cody Matz, that we are Minnesotans, this happens all the time, we should expect it and embrace it, physical assaults may start taking place.

No.  I like 4 distinct seasons.  Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall. None of this -Winter. Spring. Winter 2. Just kidding Spring. Winter 3.  Spring for 2 days.  Summer heat so bad you have to stay indoors or in the pool.  Fall for a half second.  And then Eternal Winter all over again.  Seasons.  Come on and get your act together Minnesota.

My kids loved having today off. Zach played in basement and his room, listened to music, drew some amazing pictures and pestered me for more snacks most of the day. Lily pretended to study for two tests tomorrow, told me she cleaned her room and played with friends most of the day.  I checked 16 things off my to do list and was thrilled to have a catch up day. No we didn't bake like I had planned, but I did put a whole chicken in the instant pot and have green bean casserole in the oven. That will make my family happy at dinner time.

I plan on folding all that laundry I did today, playing some cards with my family and probably watching a show or movie with my husband. I also will finally pull out my Easter decorations that I want to display so that the two Easter bins sitting in my dining room for the last two weeks can finally be put back in the storage room. I will also go to bed early and read a good book.

Today wasn't what I had planned on, and tomorrow probably won't be either. But I look forward to whatever adventures beg for my attention.

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