Saturday, November 10, 2018

Therapy Dogs and Saturday Smiles

One Saturday a month, the therapy dogs are at the local library.  These dogs are a part of the program called Tails for Reading. They encourage children to come and read and visit with the dogs. Encouraging literacy and enabling nervous readers to get comfortable, all of the dog's owners are wonderful as they gently correct, and build each child's confidence. 

Lily and Zach have always participated in the reading program since they were tiny. They love spending time with the dogs.  Lily started volunteering with the Dog Certification Program about a year ago.  She loves it. She and another child participate by being the child interaction and testing the dogs reaction to unexpected  situations. A child running or shouting, a child who is afraid, a child that may be a bit too rough or wild next to the dog.  She loves volunteering and adores all the extra snuggles that she gets with each of the dogs. 

Today Lily got to participate in a whole new way.  While at the library, she was asked to take care of child sign in's and to facilitate to make sure that each child got to spend time with the three different dogs. Not only was Lily up to the task, she excelled. She took her clip board duties seriously and made an extra effort to visit with each of the little kids, especially if they were struggling with patience while waiting for their name to be called.

I just beamed watching Lily have fun in a whole new way. She caught me watching her and I caught this beautiful picture. My amazing daughter with a heart to serve others. Yes, today it involved dogs, but I love that she helped the kids, helped the dog owners, and made sure she had time with each of the dogs herself.

Check with your local library for days and times that this activity may be scheduled. If your library doesn't have this activity, consider making a suggestion.  You will not be sorry. Nothing better than seeing 25+ small children get the chance to love on a few amazing dogs at the library and enjoy reading a book at the same time.

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