Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Married Texting

My husband and I have enjoyed a number of shows together over the years. When you have been married for 23+ years, you discover that there are shows you watch together. And there are shows you watch by yourself. We used to watch Friends, Mad About You and ER and even 30 Rock on Thursday nights. It was like a date night at home. Now we enjoy watching Madame Secretary, 9-1-1, and New Amsterdam together.  We have also enjoyed watching The American's and Stranger Things.  Shows I catch on my own are shows like Grey's Anatomy, How To Get Away With Murder, Poldark and The Durrell's of Corfu. But it is always fun when we have down time in the evening after the kids go to bed, to settle in and enjoy a show together.  Shorter than movie so it isn't such a huge time commitment. Still enjoying date night at home.

Two other shows that my husband and I enjoyed together were The Office and Parks and Rec. They were so underrated and so very funny. Dry humor, sometimes so over the top, the shows would leave us in stitches and laughing together even days later.  It was like an inside joke because only we knew why we were laughing. 

When you have been married as long as we have, indeed, we still check in with each other throughout the day. But it is usually short texts questioning when the other will be home from work.  It may be a short blurb about something great that has happened along the way.  And my end of day texts are usually short requests for a few things from the store.  Today wasn't any different. I needed beets and bananas. But then anytime I think of beets, I think of Dwight Schrutte from The Office. Schrutte Farm's. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. It is the three things that Dwight spoke about as being the most important things in his life.  Tonight it seemed really important to me to somehow incorporate an Office reference while requesting groceries.

Josh once texted me about our plans for the evening. He asked what time we needed to be dressed and ready to go. I told him six. I then asked him what he was going to wear. "Well, it will be after six. Obviously a tux. I am not a farmer." Alec Baldwin from 30 Rock.

I hadn't seen Josh in few days, our schedules were a bit hectic.  I sent him a text telling him I missed him and looked forward to seeing him that evening.  He responded back, "I think I remember you smelling like strawberries."  Another fantastic 30 Rock reference.

I panicked one day last summer when I exited the front door and a rodent of epic proportions ran in front of me. I sent Josh a text stating that he needed to stop and buy outdoor traps on his way home. He asked what kind of rodent it was and size traps was I talking about.  I texted, "Well, it is about the size of a MouseRat."  The name of Andy's band from Parks and Rec.

Some people would think we were ridiculous if they read our text messages. They would find them to be highly confusing, filled with emoji's that do not make any sense and think that I never went grocery shopping with the amount of requests that I make of my husband each week.

Some call it married texting.  We call it flirting. 

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