Thursday, November 8, 2018

Decor Galore- I Love This Time of Year!

I see it every fall and every Christmas. These beautifully decorated homes on t.v., the internet, in magazines and for sure all over social media.  Some people are so creative and even very talented. They have an eye for what will look good together. Leaves and birch branches, willows and tea lanterns.  Mantles filled with glass pumpkins and Gather or Blessings banners.  Then as fall turns way to snow and all things Christmas, boughs of green and red berries.  Lights and red bows. Wine glasses and ornaments and sparkle and snowmen galore.  I love it all.

Here is my honest moment. I have a ton of amazing decorations, but I also have a ton of opinions of how I like to decorate.  I had a friend make a suggestion about 6 years ago of how I could decorate a portion of home differently for Christmas. I thought bless her heart. Sure it was probably a good idea, but I didn't want to change the way I was decorating anything and I didn't ask for ideas. I immediately internalized the suggestion and thought she didn't like what my home looked like when it was decorated for Christmas. That wasn't her intention. I figured out the reason I took it that way was because her house always looked like Pottery Barn on crack.  Excuse me. It was beautifully decorated and looked as if no one lived in it. Ever.

I began to realize that wasn't me. My family, we are messy and live in our home, we spend more time here than anywhere else. We enjoy having people over and playing games and sharing meals together. We love spending time with extended family and friends and are okay with dishes sometimes being saved until the next morning. I smile at 22 pairs of shoes left in a shambles by my front door rather than fret about what a mess those kids are making in the basement. I want my house to be picked up and clean enough to function, but I also want to have fun and enjoy each new day by enabling adventure to come my way.

Today, on my way home from a challenging doctors appointment, I needed some cheering up.  I stopped at 501 & Company in Chaska. And as usual during this time of year, it didn't disappoint. A perfect blend of all things fall and Thanksgiving and a treasure trove of the glories of Christmas. A feast for the eyes, I think I spent a half hour meandering in and out of the narrow walkways. Discovering alcoves I had yet to venture into, I left no corner unexplored.  I loved what I saw today. Some, clever new creations, some amazing vintage finds and delectable antiques that were absolutely fantastic and eclectic.

I left without buying a thing, but I left with a smile on face and inspired to go home and decorate my home the way I enjoy. Plenty of white lights and angels. Snowmen in the window sill. Antique trees and candle sticks on the hutch in the front entryway.  The big tree on the main floor, and tree in each of the kids' rooms.  Berries and Christmas tie backs for the curtains and Christmas books that have been handed down for generations on the sideboard.  The mantle will display the beautiful Nativity and angels that were hand made and bestowed upon us as a wedding gift. Absolute treasures that I will gift to Lily when she is grown.

I took pictures of the few beauties I saw today. Some because they warmed my heart, some because I hope the replicate them in my home this Christmas Season.

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