Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The People of Carver County- By: Kelli J Gavin Edition 3

Taryn Collins has lived in Chaska for 16 years. You may recognize her as your local Caribou Drive Thru Barista where she has worked for 2 years.

"My favorite thing about serving the people of Carver County coffee every morning is making relationships with the regular customers. I sometimes think I am making their day with coffee. Their faces light up and it is the best thing. "  To which I responded, yes indeed, she is making my day and my face lit up because of the great coffee!

Taryn is friendly and personal and when asked about summer, "I love summer and going to the beaches and especially Lake Riley. I like to hang out with friends and enjoy the fresh air."  After our terribly long Minnesota winter, bring on the SUMMER!

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