Sunday, May 6, 2018

People of Carver County - By: Kelli J Gavin Edition 2

"My name is Jeff Olmsted. I have worked at the Chaska Library for 12 years and I have lived here for 5 years.  I feel a part of the community because I live and work in it. I recognized 3 people walking to work today that I see all of the time. They ask me if I am heading to work. I like being in a place where we know each other. I feel it is easier to do my job by knowing and living here. Here at the Chaska Library, we have over 50 total years of Librarian experience serving Chaska.  It is fun being a part of this team. I feel invested. I also love having a library close to my home. Some day when I retire, I may move back to downtown Minneapolis and hope that there will be always be a library."

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