Saturday, May 19, 2018

It Isn't Jared Leto or Zac Efron

I told my kids this morning that we were going to go to a few garage sales and then head to the library like we do every Saturday morning.  We got a bit of a late start as I was slightly distracted by the Royal Wedding coverage and for a moment believed that I could be a princess. Then remembered I am well past 40, have been married for 23 years and have two kids.  So those dreams have been dashed.  I digress. With coffee in hand, the three of us proceeded to leave the house with lofty lists of what each of us hoped to find at the sales.  Zach was thrilled to find two dvd movies. He was slightly disappointed that they weren't vcr tapes as that is his desired format. Yet was elated to read to me each episode that could found on said dvd's.  Lily was convinced that I would buy her a creepy $30 doll as an early birthday gift. October 4th is her birthday.  Creepy doll was left on the table for the next child to admire and beg their mom.  But Lily and I were able to have a great conversation about the fact that she is going to be 12 years old and will probably not play with dolls much longer. "Oh come on mom. You said you played with your Cabbage Patch Doll and your Barbie's way past 12 and just didn't tell anyone."  All of this in front of the homeowner trying to sell the doll.  We settled for a $1.50 bracelet making kit and I made a bee line to the car.

We did however find some nice clothing for Lily, a pair of shorts for Zach and math books to supplement our summer curriculum.
Lily also seemed to manage to convince me to buy a super pokey and mean looking cactus that she "will replant and water and totally take care of and keep in her room" was a good idea.  That remains to be seen.  Zach thought the vintage Disney wood puzzles were a sight to behold, yet I couldn't merit spending 45 dollars of vintage Disney wood puzzles. So once again, those were left on the table.

We drove past the new Hyvee in Shakopee and Zach exclaims, " Look at the building!"  Indeed. Why are they building a huge apartment complex right next to the freeway like that right behind the store? It looks like a monstrosity. And who would want to deal with the all the road noise of 169?  I think Zach was more focused on the white paper that covered the incomplete building than the ridiculous size.

While heading towards the railroad tracks two cars braked hard in front of me preparing for an immediate unanticipated left hand turn.  Lily and I were convinced that that the huge red pickup truck barreling behind us was never going to observe that I had come to a complete stop because of the two turning cars. Another perfect example to talk to Lily about safety while driving and not being distracted.  I also enjoyed conversations about not wearing white until after Memorial Day, and not after Labor Day.  And  the fact that chivalry isn't dead and a door being opened or hand being extended from a man should always be welcomed warmly and with a thank you. These are things you teach 11 year old girls, including constant reminders about how to sit like a lady on bleachers in a dress during a choir concert.

When we got to the library, Zach was pleased when there wasn't another child who could possibly become disgruntled in sight. He also found that his favorite reference computer was occupied so a quick dvd search occurred before sitting at his favorite computer
number 15.  Lily was tickled pink when she remembered her ear buds for computer use as she abhors the huge uncomfortable headphones provided. I did inform her a time or two in the past that using the computer at the library wasn't required. She could look at books and movies like everyone else.  A swift eye roll was observed before a prompt ear bud placement happened.

A young gentleman with an ill suited man bun entered the library and sat directly across from the kids. Lily approaches me with a smirk on her face, " Where are your garden scissors when you need them?"And she started to walk away laughing. She is absolutely 100% my daughter in case anyone was wondering.  I told her not every man with a man bun will look like Jared Leto. I could see her wheels turning and believed her next question would be if I have ever thought about what Zac Efron would like with a man bun.  She didn't ask, probably one of a million things she thinks about daily but doesn't vocalize, because she knows me well and understands I have lost my ability to contain laughter in public places.

So our time here at the library has come to a close. We must check out a few books and return home before Hangry becomes a real thing for Zach.  This is just another Saturday morning brought to you by the Gavin's.

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