Wednesday, July 3, 2019


My friend and fellow writer, Jay Long,  posed an important question.  What does the world need to hear right now?  I poured over this question and others for quite a few days.  I found myself going down rabbit holes of thought and knew that I needed to focus.  

I came up with a few bold statements that I think the world needs to hear.  

This president won't end us. Just hold on.

Stop trying to promote sin as acceptable. 

Choose to help rather than complain and add to the problem.

No one will change their mind about politics or vaccinations based on what you post on your social media platforms.

Focus on relationships.  Love people deeply. Hold on to them tightly.  For time passes too quickly.

While pondering these statements, I figured out why I had ended up going down so many other trails.  These may be statements that the world needs to hear right now, but they are not ready. They have turned their attention elsewhere, and their ears have been closed to outside influences.  I believe that we have been bombarded with messages of hate, and distrust, with greed and malice.  With everything that seems to be thrown at us daily,  we as a human race have shut down. We have turned inward and have become ambivalent and judgmental.  Rather than listening to others, embracing other ideas and enabling ourselves to be influenced by positive people, we shut it all out. Almost as if we are flying solo, or have decided to forever be the captain of our own ship.  When keeping others at arms length, I find it can become a lonely state to thrive in. We weren't meant to do life on our own.

I then started thinking about what do other people in my life need to hear.  

Thank you for loving your friends the way you do.  For perusing them earnestly with requests for their time. Thank you for always being the organizer and making sure that we can always get together.

Thank you for your embraces. Thank you for always making sure that I let go first. Your hugs are life giving. Thank you for giving of yourself when you know others are hurting.

You are an amazing dad.  I see you. I see the difficult situation that you are in.  You parent each child as if they were your own.  You are loving and encouraging to all of your kids.  And this mom admires all that you do.

I am sorry.  I am sorry I left things up in the air. I am sorry that I never addressed your questions and may have stringed you along.  I still care for you and I always will.

I am proud of you.  I am proud of the young woman you are growing into.  I love your heart and your passion and the way you are not afraid to wear your heart on your sleeve.  I love the way that you love others. 

Thank you for trying. Thank you for giving me second and third chances.  Thank you for laughing and knowing we can try again tomorrow.

It still hurts me, too. The lack of closure. I treasured you for so long.  You were in my life, and then you were not.  I wish we had a chance to talk. Maybe we will someday. I hope that we will.

I admire your hard work and perseverance.  I know it isn't easy and your life has been challenging.  You inspire others without even knowing it. 

I love you.  I always have.  Don't give up on me, because I will never give up on you. 

These things are easier for me to say to the people I love. To the people I live life with daily. To the people I will always treasure, even if time and space has separated us.  They also need to hear these things. We often become so involved in the details of each new day, that we forget that other people are there for us. To support us, to encourage us, to tell us that it is all going to be okay.  

What does the world need to hear right now?  Love others. Encourage others.  Pour into the lives of those that you love.  Support others until they don't need the daily help any longer.  Take the focus off self and discover the difference you can make when you do something for someone else.  Stop focusing on your own ideas, beliefs, ideologies and even your own misconceptions, and start embracing the people around you. 

I may have written this because it is what I needed to hear right now. 

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