Monday, March 5, 2018

The First Five Hours

It is Monday, and both kids have the day off school today. Zach's was a scheduled day off due to end of term I believe and Lily's day was cancelled late last night because the pending ice and snow storm.  No complaints from me.  We all got to sleep in a bit and there isn't anywhere we need to rush off to today. The ice started late last night and hit the windows with such force, I thought for sure both of the kids would wake up in a panic.

This morning, the ice pellets continued.  The wind has picked up and the second story windows are breathing from its force. The National Weather Service says the 5+ inches of snow will start soon.  And because we live in Minnesota that 5+ inches means absolutely no snow and school was cancelled for no reason, or it means 2 1/2 feet of snow and everything will shut down tomorrow also. Minnesota winter is no joke.  It sees a storm coming and says, hold my beer. Minnesota is  always a show off that everyone runs from when they see it coming.

So laundry will be done, maybe a little baking and cooking and I will play catch up on life. I will pack back packs, send a few emails, respond to a couple invites and absolutely 100% take a nap.  Because whenever you are given the chance to nap, always nap.  I will also play a game or 10 of Gin and Uno with Lily and pretend to be fascinated by Zach's wii golf game.  I will also water my ten plants.  I must keep that poinsettia that my mother in law gave me the day after Thanksgiving alive. Not really sure why I must keep it alive, but those beautiful red and green leaves compel me to continue breathing life into it.

I read a bit this morning from two books. One, I hope the action picks up a bit and that I begin to actually care about the characters more.  The other one, an easy, smooth read that I will pick up again shortly. It easily transports me to the beach. Which I am not afraid to admit my tendency to be a Thalassophile. Especially in these last few weeks of a long, cold winter.

I remember dreading the days when my kids would be home from school and I couldn't go to work.  I would try to fill their day with arts and crafts and games and new toys. They would declare they were bored and continue to complain the rest of the day.  I discovered I was doing this whole parenting thing wrong.  I was trying to keep my kids entertained all day long, rather than teaching them and providing them with the tools to create their own fun.   Now, I never hear I am bored.  I never hear anything of sorts. My kids are ridiculous models of occupying themselves. 

Lily printed out color sheets on the computer this morning, promptly colored both and then Zach shared in the oohs and ahhs upon completion.  She picked up her room, helped gather laundry and read a book. She made herself breakfast burritos, and laughed watching the Jericho Lego movie. (all of 35 minutes long)  She said she wanted to go and see if friends could play, and soon both her friend Clara and she were laughing and playing with Star Wars figures up in her room.  It is noon. All of this in the first five hours of the day.

Zach watched the news, informed me of the weather and road situation and promptly left to write and draw up in his room. He reviewed the calendar for the rest of year, talked about upcoming vacations and then decided it was time to play some golf after helping with laundry baskets. He then thought lunch was a good idea and got out the peanut butter and honey, his huge red apple, sharp knife, butter knife, plate and then told me he wanted pretzels and fruit snacks. He then said he was going to make a grocery shopping list for our vacation in June. That may take him the better portion of the next hour. It is noon. All of this in the first five hours of the day.

I decided turkey burgers sounded good for dinner tonight and defrosted the ground turkey and the buns from the garage freezer. Zach immediately said, "I am not eating that" as I returned to the kitchen holding the freezing cold items. I promised him he had nothing to worry about as I already defrosted ham for him.  Some day, even if it kills me, I want Zach to eat a burger. Veggie, black bean, turkey, beef, I don't care. Just one burger.  Almost like my mission in life. Don't laugh. I am totally serious.

So now that these first five hours of the day have passed without issue, I want to also declare the next five hours as issue free.  Because momma needs a nap and I ain't got time for that.

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