Friday, February 14, 2020

The Card Is What Matters

My husband and I have never really done a whole lot of celebrating for Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve.  It isn't something we are into, so we usually have a very low key evening.  Maybe a special dinner at home, or a movie.  Tonight, on Valentine's Day, the four us went to Crooked Pint for dinner.  With very full stomachs, we headed home to watch Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown! and play some cards. Josh and I will probably watch a show or a movie after the kids go to bed, but Josh has to go to work in the morning, so he won't stay up very late.

Being that we don't really celebrate, we also do not exchange gifts. We always exchange cards with each other, and often buy the kids a special treat. Today they also received a movie each and art supplies.  They loved them and were soon off to create something new.

Josh and I have been married for 25 years this June.  We have really only ever traveled with the kids. The only time we have left the country was when we were married in 1995 when we got married. We went to Quebec.  That is Canada. It isn't exotic. It was quite lovely, but I was 20, my husband 21.  We were so young. It was a perfect adventure for us.

This April/May, we are taking a anniversary celebration trip to France and Italy.  I can't wait. We always said we would travel when we celebrated our 20 year, but when you have a special needs kid, so much extra planning goes in to a trip like that.  I have been dreaming about airplanes and looking down and seeing landscapes. I have been day dreaming about beautiful stone buildings and the luxury that can only be seen in Versailles.  I have been looking up all of the artwork that I want to make a point of seeing at the Louvre. Seriously. Everything that I have wanted to see.  I am mapping it out.

Today on Valentine's Day, my husband gave me probably the best card and picture I could have ever received. The Eiffel Tower card is a beautiful Pop up card. And the picture of Florence has a special message written on the back.

I have never been one to need gifts. Cards, time spent together, words of adoration and intention are what makes my heart soar.  My husband told me how much he looking forward to traveling with me. He told me how he can't wait to explore France and Italy with me. 

Today, on this Valentine's Day, I am finding that I am even more excited about our pending travels, and I didn't think that was possible.

Today, on this Valentine's Day, the card is what matters. It makes all the difference in the world.

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