Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Pain and Comfort

(A quote from Outlander in the Gaidhlig dialect.)

A friend sent a text the other night that broke my heart.  It seemed like each day, each time we communicated, whether by phone or text, there was something else that had been added her to load.  Marriage communication issues, children with the inclination to disobey, friends who are hurtful, lack of resources at school for another child, unable to find a job that pays enough and has the insurance coverage needed to benefit their entire family, recurring health problems.  The list was long. The list was heavy and burdensome. The list continued to have new issues added to it.

How much can one person handle? How much can a person take before they break?  Where does the hope come from? Are we called to suffer and experience pain? These are the questions that flood our minds when we think of pain and suffering.

I called her back immediately, and I told my friend how sorry I was that each day seemed to be so challenging. I told her that she was loved, and that I would like to pray with her and that I would like to continue praying for her.  She glad received the invitation to pray together.

I also wanted to also dive into Truth with her.

As we read scripture together, using our Bible Study Tools app, we read that it wasn't that we MIGHT suffer, the Bible states, WHEN we suffer, not if.  It is a given.  We also found that suffering isn't constant, suffering isn't a punishment, and suffering can produce great joy. WHAT? Joy?  We found that there is HOPE.  And we found that in suffering, we can also find comfort.  

No, my friend's problems will not be solved overnight.  But by praying Truth, by digging into the Word,  Hope and Encouragement can be found.  

What burdens you tonight? I encourage you to pray while you are suffering.  Pray while you are hurting. Pray even when you are waiting for other prayers to be answered. Just keep praying.  Open the bible and dive in.  Truth is yours for the taking. 

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