Saturday, September 14, 2019


Josh and I enjoyed a very nice impromptu dinner out at La Hermosa in Chaska this evening.  We decided to stop at Cooper's Grocery Store to grab some yogurt, granola, apples and toilet paper.

We made our selections and paid. Josh took the two bags and I grabbed the toilet paper. It was a 12 pack, not heavy, just bulky.  I held it between my arms against my chest.  Josh approached the front exit and I followed him towards the door. 

A man who clearly worked at the store said loudly, "I have never wanted to be Charmin more in life!"  I was stunned.  My first reaction was- wait, I didn't hear him correctly. My husband stopped dead in his tracks and glared at him.  My husband then turned to me to make sure I was following closely behind. He picked up the pace and exited the store. 

Why? Why is something like that ever appropriate to say to a woman?  Did he think he was being funny?  Did he not see my husband was walking maybe 5 feet in front of me? 

"Why?!  Why do these things always happen to me.  Why do people always have to be so awkward with me?  Do I welcome it? What about me screams- bring it on?!"  Josh turned to me and smiled. He told me to let it go. He also told me that it had nothing to do with me and more to do with guy who thought he was being clever. All I know is that he was an absolute tool.

After my issue yesterday at Eden Prairie Center, I may just be a bit more aware. But tonight, tonight I never want to see that man again. 

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